What’s the Difference Between a Drug Rehab Growth Accelerator and a Drug Rehab Marketing Agency?

Did you know that the growth rate for jobs in the substance abuse industry is expected to be 23 percent over the next ten years? Services for individuals with addictions are needed. 

As more and more drug rehab centers emerge, how do they stand out amongst the crowd? There is a need for drug rehab marketing that takes a unique approach that is tailored to the addiction industry. 

If you’re an addiction treatment center looking for the right rehab marketing, keep reading to learn about growth accelerators in the rehab industry versus addiction treatment marketing. 

Business Model Canvas

Before you can understand the difference between drug rehab marketing and a drug rehab growth accelerator, you must first understand the business model canvas

The business model canvas is a one-page summary that describes the high-level strategic details that are needed to get your business or product to market. When considering marketing or growth accelerators, each strategy will have a unique role; however, the focus on your business model canvas changes based on whether you are using rehab marketing or a growth accelerator. 

When you are looking at a business model canvas, you will find nine different blocks. Each of these blocks addresses different factors when it comes to your business. 

Customer Segments

The customer segments block involves knowing who your customers are. What do your customers think, see, feel, and do? 

By understanding who your customers are and their needs, it gives the opportunity to understand what needs are not getting met and how you can meet them. This, in turn, opens the door to new market opportunities. 

Value Propositions

Value proposition looks at what value you can provide your customers. Why should your clients utilize your service or your drug rehabilitation center? 

In this section, you want to create value for the population you are serving. 


How are your propositions sold, promoted, and delivered? In the channels section, you are going to look at this aspect of your business. 

It also looks at why the various channels are getting used and whether or not you are getting results. 

Customer Relationships

Our next section of the business model canvas looks at your relationship with your customers. This involves knowing how you will interact with your customer throughout their journey. 

Relationships can be a critical component in retaining your customers. For a drug rehab center, this is especially important. You want your clients to keep coming back and utilizing your services in order to maintain sobriety. 

So building customer relationships takes on new importance in this industry.

Revenue Stream

How do you earn revenue from your value proposition? The revenue stream is going to look at a few things. 

This includes how your customers are currently paying, how they are willing to pay, how much they are willing and able to pay, and what they are paying for.  

Key Activities

Key activities are the things you do in order to provide value. For example, if you are an addiction treatment center, you might provide value by offering medication-assisted treatment. 

This is about the services you provide in order to give your clients value. 

Key Resources

This is about the resources you need in order to deliver your value proposition. There are several different types of resources that get considered. 

These include: 

  • Physical
  • Intellectual 
  • Human
  • Financial

For example, in order to deliver effective rehab services, one important factor is patient to caregiver ratios. Lower ratios allow for individuals to get more personalized care and allow the access they may need to staff during recovery. 

Having a staff that is able to provide services and not get overworked is an important human resource. 

Key Partnerships

With key partnerships, you are going to look at what partnerships you can form as a company. These partnerships will exist in part to take some of the responsibilities off your treatment center so that you are able to focus on your key activities. 

For example, if you provide medication-assisted treatment, who are your key suppliers? Where do you get the medication, drug tests, and other supplies you need in order to provide this treatment?

The supplier you utilize for your different key activities is just one of many key partnerships you can form to help your treatment center. 

Cost Structure

With cost structure, you look at what the major cost drivers of your treatment center are. In addition, you also look at how these costs are linked to revenue.  

What Does Drug Rehab Marketing Focus On? 

To understand the difference between a drug rehab marketing agency and a drug rehab growth accelerator, you have to start with the very basics. What is a drug rehab marketing agency? 

Marketing agencies typically focus on acquisition and a little bit of retention. So, how you acquire customers, and then to a small degree, how you retain your customers. If you utilize a drug rehab growth marketing agency or growth hacking, there is a bit more focus on retention than with traditional marketing approaches. 

Rehab Marketing and the Business Model Canvas

There is an overlap between growth acceleration and marketing when it comes to the business model canvas. You will see that overlap when discussing growth acceleration. 

However, when discussing drug rehab marketing, you are going to look at two of the nine sections of the business model canvas. 

  1. Channels
  2. Customer Relationships

The focus in marketing is only on acquiring customers with a little bit of retention mixed in. So, what channels are you advertising on, and how are you building relationships to bring customers in and keep them? 

This is where marketing for rehab facilities lives. When looking at growth acceleration, there is a big difference. 

What Is a Growth Accelerator? 

A growth accelerator looks at more aspects of your addiction treatment center. This kind of growth incorporates all nine parts of the business model canvas and uses them to help you grow and build your rehab center. 

The goal here is to find methods that can help you develop and expand. You do this by finding and putting into place solutions that remove obstacles to growth. 

How you create value as a rehabilitation center is going to be your unique competitive advantage. It is going to help you achieve your goals. However, to gain success, there are some basic factors that need to be considered and will also fit into the business model canvas. 

As you consider the following areas, it will help you plan a roadmap to achieving your goals as a rehabilitation center. 

Mission and Vision

Your mission and vision define who you are as a rehabilitation center. These are important to define as they will help guide your growth. 

For example, is your mission to serve pregnant women and mothers? Or maybe underserved populations? Or maybe even a more elite clientele? 

Your mission and vision will guide the plan that is put into place for your unique needs. 

Goals and Objectives

What are your goals and objectives? Defining your goals and objectives will help as you consider your key activities. 

You cannot provide value if you do not have a problem to solve. By defining your goals and objectives, you can then begin to define how you will meet those goals. 

Capacity and Resource Management

This falls under the category of partnerships, revenue, and costs. How do you plan to manage the resources you have? 

Your facility will not survive if you cannot probably manage this. 

Understanding Customers and Market Trends

This is where customer relationships and customer segments really come into play. The rehabilitation world is unique, and understanding who your customers are and what your trends are is even more important here. 

Current State and Challenges

As a rehabilitation center, you will face unique challenges. Not all of your clients want to be there. In fact, many of them are only there because a court told them they need to be there. 

Understanding your current state and the challenges you will encounter will help you have the ability to plan to address these challenges. This will also help as you consider the value proposition. 

What is your value as a company? How do you address the unique challenges you will encounter and still provide value to your customer base? 

Choose the Right Drug Rehab Marketing for You 

Drug rehab marketing can feel confusing, but it doesn’t have to. Learn how to connect with your customers and build a plan by choosing the right services for your addiction treatment center. 

Faebl Studios is a one-of-a-kind growth accelerator for the substance abuse industry. Connect with us today to learn how we can help you grow. 

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