The Importance of Content: How Good Content Supports Traffic Growth

In this competitive marketing landscape, more than 70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing. You don’t want to be left behind!

Good content has been proven to deliver resounding success, especially in terms of delivering qualified, organic traffic. What’s more, it’s the most cost-effective way of growing your audience engagement and establishing your brand presence.

Want to learn more about content marketing? Below is a guide that reviews the benefits of producing consistent, high-quality content:

Builds Loyalty

Good content is an important asset as it prompts your visitors to stick around longer. It can create positive experiences for your target audience and compels them to stay and become loyal customers. You can use it to capture your audience’s attention, helping you reinforce a positive brand impression.

Improves Traction on Social Media

Do you have a large social media following but fail to see much traction?

Having a huge social media following doesn’t really mean you’re getting enough traffic growth. If you don’t have much engagement despite having many followers, content marketing can help. Quality content can help you grow traffic on social media.

Builds Trust

Relevant content can help you build a relationship with your audience. It creates an avenue where you can answer the questions of your customers and interact with them.

Generating content also helps you create value for your audience without expecting anything in return. This way they are more likely to trust your advice and recommendations.

Generate More and Better Leads

Content marketing can help you generate leads by guiding your clients to a landing page. Through calls-to-action (CTA) placed in your content, you can get new, qualified leads for your sales team. The more pleased a visitor is with your content, the more likely they’ll click the CTA and move to your landing page.

Improve Conversions

The content you post on your site influences conversions. It helps give your audience the information required to make educated purchases. If your content is original and unique, it increases your conversions.

Increases Your Visibility

Since most online purchases start with a search engine, you need to improve your visibility online with content. Apart from being unique, ensure your content is relevant. Also, make sure you organize your content in a consistent, easy-to-scan manner. It helps you rank higher on search engines.

Build Brand Awareness

Rather than just sell your products and services, good content strategies for brand awareness focus on selling your values as a business. You can also use it to tell your customers about your brand story. Through content scoring, your brand can understand your customers and their needs.

Save Money

Content marketing is known for its cost-effectiveness. It provides premium information relevant to your customers’ interests, increasing sales, revenues, and profits.

After content creation, content marketing more than pays as customers from search engines and social media platforms respond to it. Although the upfront costs may appear steep, your return on investment will be greater.

How Good Content Supports Traffic Growth

Even if you have good content, there’s always room for improvement. You don’t need to create fresh content each day to grow your traffic. All you need to do is boost your business’s SEO traffic growth with just a single blog post through the following ways:

Align Your Tone to Your Target Audience

An understanding of tone and voice in content creation will give you an edge over your competition. It helps add flavor to your writing. You shouldn’t try to show how clever or knowledgeable you are.

This is why you need to avoid using a professional tone in your blog posts. While you may get a few followers, you’ll struggle to attract new customers in the long run. Since people read content to get real solutions to their problems, you should ensure your content is fresh and entertaining.

Look for Relevant Keywords

Using appropriate keywords can help you rank higher on search engines. This is why you need to ensure your content is created around keywords that are highly relevant to your niche.

You should make primary keywords your concern using tools like Google Keyword Planner or KeywordTool.io to find highly searched and appropriate keywords. In addition, you can utilize long-tail secondary keywords to structure the body of your content.

Scope out the Competition

Good content needs to be the best of the best. This is why you need to look at your competition and discover what they cover so you can create something better.

By researching existing content from your competition, you can measure your own content against your competitors. You’ll also find out what your content needs to beat the competition.

After creating your content, you can use relevant and authoritative link building to get traffic to your website. You should find websites to post links back to your site.

But first, you should undertake rigorous content selection to get links from sites relevant to your business. You should also use unique and strategic keywords as the anchor texts for your links.

Use Guest Posting

You can use guest posting to increase your marketing growth. It helps build your brand, promote your product and services, and drive targeted traffic to your business. What’s more, it can help you build quality, reliable backlinks to your content.

You can find your guest post targets by using relevant search terms to your niche to find websites that host your posts.

Best Types of Content That Will Drive More Traffic

When you start content marketing, you should first launch your blog and begin the content creation process. As you become more established, you should try out different types of content to boost your traffic.

Here are the best types of content you can experiment with:


An infographic visually presents your information. Since it gets more shares and views than other types of content, you can use it to get your business content out there. Your online marketing strategy for creating this type of content includes hiring a graphic designer to make an infographic for you.

From research and data to statistics, you can use infographics to communicate any idea or concept to your target audience.


Good video content communicates your brand message succinctly and memorably. If you create video content well, you can be able to persuade your customers to buy from you. But video content isn’t just about moving pictures. You should also focus on the words.

Whether you’re creating a promotional video, explainer video, or a video of an office tour, you need to get the script right. Your videos don’t have to be very long so 3-5 minutes is a good length.


Fairly long and detailed, guides give you a chance to explain your products and services to your customers and possibly harvest email addresses. It usually goes beyond the style, length, and approach of the conventional blog post. What’s more, they don’t have much visual flair.

When writing guides, you need a good writer to create top-tier content and a designer to help smartly present your content.

Product Reviews

Creating product reviews can help you establish authority among your competitors. It allows you to tell your customers more about your products and services.

When you engage them, you gain recognition and respect. Product reviews also allow you to share your experiences with your product or services and give recommendations.

How-To Articles

The how-to is one of the most popular types of content you can use to boost your traffic growth. This is because they have prevalent long-tail query introductions like — “How to…” and “How do I — that have a good search potential. When writing how-to content, you need to identify problems your customers are facing and come up with viable solutions.

To make your how-to topics generate more traffic you should research and understand your user’s intent. Knowing what your customers want helps you to create personalized content that suits their needs. Ensure your explanations are thorough and you can enhance the content with diagrams, images, and more.


Lists have endless appeal, especially when it comes to selling your products or services. All you need to do during content creation is pick a topic and a number. For example, the title of the list can be 5 ways to grow your business through SEO.

It’s important to use a simple format when creating your lists. You should just introduce the topic, list your points, and provide a conclusion. For your lists to be more engaging, they should be detailed. Creating long lists is also good.


Since most people listen to podcasts, you can use this audio content to market your brand. When creating a podcast, you should have a good audio script that directs you as you talk about your products or services.

It’s also important to have a decent microphone as it ensures you produce high-quality audio. When publishing the podcast, you can also publish the transcript. It helps add SEO value.

Grow Your Facility with Good Content

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