A Staggering 23x ROI

How we achieved an incredible 23x return on investment for a New England outpatient drug and alcohol rehab facility.

drug addiction treatment recovery center marketing

75 new clients admitted

$1,650 client acquisition cost

$3.1 million in billing value

23x return on investment

The Challenge

A growth-stage substance use treatment facility in New England was looking for more consistency with its lead generation and admissions, and to ultimately grow into a second location.

The Strategy

This facility is located in a relatively rural part of the country, and an aggressive growth strategy would require expanding the geographic reach of the facility beyond its county and into neighboring states. We employed a combination of search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising, and both on- and off-site content and link placement to dramatically improve visibility.

The Results

After the first sprint, our strategy resulted in a total of 29 new client admissions or referrals. With an average client value of $42,000, the total Billing Value produced during the first sprint was a staggering $1,218,000. In total, in the first three sprints we generated 75 new clients at a $1,650 average client acquisition cost (CAC) and $3,150,000 in total Billing Value. The facility's investment totaled $132,810.
As a direct result of this outcome the facility opened a second location in a neighboring city, expanding its footprint and nearly doubling its client capacity.


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