Early-Stage SoCal Rehab Needs Clients Fast.

We helped this early-stage Southern California facility get their program off the ground so they could start helping clients. 

Southern California drug rehab marketing

17 new clients admitted

$2,941 client acquisition cost

$510,000 in billing value

10x return on investment

The Challenge

An early-stage substance use treatment facility in Southern California was looking to fill their census at a low cost per acquisition. With multiple levels of care and an empty program, they needed immediate results and required a focus on PPC to acquire leads immediately.

The Strategy

This facility is located in an area of the country with a high concentration of competing treatment centers and programs. An aggressive growth strategy, combined with diligent ad budgeting for high intent keywords, and custom landing pages geared to convert, was needed to gain the appropriate visibility on Google and lower costs per click.

The Results

Our first 3-month sprint with the facility resulted in a total of 17 new client admissions or referrals. With an average client value of $30,000, the total Billing Value produced during the first sprint was $510,000. The facility's investment totaled $50,000. They achieved a 10x return on investment.
As a direct result of this outcome, the facility is now expanding its program and adding another level of care.


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